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What Is It to Be Supported

Why am I not allowing myself to be supported? That's the question that was presented to me by a tarot reader today. Why do I think I have to go it all alone? Why don't I allow support to come into my life for finances, for my work, for love? Why am I not allowing myself to be supported?

What do I want to see in my life? What is it that is asking me questions and allowing me to see the Truth of my being? Isn't that God, Source, Energy, Essence and Grace? What do I want to see in my life, more of, every day? I think that I want to see abundance and grace, but what is revealed for me is that I will not let myself have these things until I allow myself to be supported and loved!

Why do I have to go it alone? That is the big question. Why do we see so many people spouting the benefits of being alone, of not needing anyone, of being independent, of being satisfied within ourselves and not needing anyone or anything to support us? I think that's the way we identify ourselves as whole and free. But, what is it really? Do we need to be alone to be whole and free? Or can we be supported and loved by an outer being to be whole and free? Huge question for me.

I listen so often to the teachings of others who say you need to be whole and free and this means being alone and whole and free. Well, what if we are supported and loved by others and whole and free? This can be. This can be the way to be free. This goes against so many teachings, but I believe that we must see the interrelationship of wholeness as oneness within ourselves and with another or many other beings.

I was taught to be whole be being independent. My first Guru said to me, "Why do you want another boyfriend? You've had hundreds of boyfriends. Who are you going to run to when you die?" That has become the standard way of thinking for me. If I need another being to be with me, I am not fully realized or truly happy. I must be whole and free by being independent and in my own space of love, but this is not what is meant for me. I am here to cocreate with another being in love and with other beings in my work. I look for something that will structure my work in such a way that we can bring together all of these beautiful teachings in a syncopated beautiful arrangement of grace. I long for these people in my life to share with, to explore with and to examine the inner realities of grace with. I want these people in my life because the wholeness exists in our relationships as well as in our own inner dwelling place. We are free in this essence of union, togetherness, fullness and freedom in helping, caring, and loving on this earth plane.

A new motto for me is: Allow the support that you need to come into your life and be free in this grace of divine union with those who are meant to be supporting you and allowing you to be free.

If that is you, I love you and support you as well and together we discover the beauty of these inner dimensions of grace.

I Love you

Be Free

Kai Shanti

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