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Us as We

Us as We

I have seen you in my dreams

Your face is awaiting me

Your needs grow thin

As you understand

The depth of this longing

Is it awakening for you?

Is it awakening within me?

Will we see the truth?

Can it be seen?

Or will we die

Before it is conceived?

How many times do you wish for me?

How many times do you call for me?

How many times do you ask for this heart felt song?

It’s in the waiting that we are revealed

It’s in the longing that we are seen

It’s in the knowing that we are blessed

With each other’s breathing

One more night

One more day

One more hour

One more feigning

to be seen in eternal longing

For me

For you

For inquiry into truth

We want each other

But the road is steep

And the legs are long but weary

How will it be seen?

How will it be caught

In the depth of God’s grace and uncertainty?

How will it be known to you?

How will it be known to me?

How will it be

That we see each other

In eternal grace

For all of eternity?

Can it be seen?

Can it be felt?

Can it be known?

I only wish for the second

to know the time that awaits it

In all of eternal oneness

We are seen in this light

And seen is us

In all of eternity

We are seen

And it is the light

That is revealed

That we see

As we open our eyes

And now discover

This moment

This time

This precious understanding

I want you

To be me and me to be you

As one in eternity

We are free


Developing the strength

To be and see

Us as we

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