What Is A Prostitute?

Although I am a fan of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua and their Divine Union, I don't follow her or her ways, as much as admire her for who she is and her role in the Divine play of the feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness. I love her and the way she worked with the feminine. I love her work with Jeshua and I love who and what she represents as a feminine aspect of humanity. She is someone we can all follow in the footsteps of to become great.

But, here are the interesting revelations for me this week.

So much karma has been revealed to me over the past months about tortures and burnings from mostly men in past lives and this current one as well. I have worked with this over the years, but this past few months has been intense and longing for a final release of all of the pain. I have been revealed as a Divine mistress in so many lifetimes, but the men who were surrounding me couldn't take the pressure of becoming their fullest version of the Divine, so always caved into the pressure of self limiting beliefs and constructs. Is it time to wake up this lifetime? This is the way it seems.

I was giving myself Divine aspects of sacred union through the duality of making love to men who were not in alignment with the Highest Self. This was a way of showing them who they truly are, a way of showing them who they are meant to be, a way of showing them that they could and will be the divinest aspects of themselves that they can be. It was almost a longing; to show them their divinity by loving them in the highest way I could see. But, what did I end up with in the long run? A bunch of bruises and scrapes and a desperate longing to be seen. What did it all mean?

It is no mystery that I have loved sexual union in this lifetime as well. And again and again, I am disappointed by the level of maturity men have yet to reach. I have asked and asked for higher guidance about this and have been shown that men just haven't been raised to allow their level of sexuality to join with the divine aspect of human existence. It isn't about the men. It's about the Union of the Divine.

It's also no mystery that I am longing for my Beloved in this lifetime, and I have been calling him in. I will take nothing less and nothing different from that now. I am only in Union with the Divine, and if that aspect comes through in a masculine form for me, I am waiting. Otherwise, it's just me and the Divine in the formless aspect of Divinity. But I wish for a form with all of my being. So, this is where I am. This is what sets up the play of this weeks events.

Last week, a Great Saint visited me. This is a Being who I revere with all of my being. He visits me only for great initiations and hasn't been seen for quite some time. I was awed that I was once again in his presence and he seemed to be staying for quite some time. I finally realized that I'd better take advantage of this visit because although it seems timeless when we are together, it ends and I am back in this reality wishing for more. I bowed at his feet and asked him for a blessing. He lifted me up and whispered softly and lovingly in my ear, "prostitute". That was all he said. It was loving and sweet and there were no negative connotations to the word, only great love and initiation as always. When I came out of this state, I said oh, I was visited by Nityananda, what a great blessing. I am so happy. But then remembered what he had said. I was confused. I don't want to be a prostitute, I told him. I understand that we can initiate through sexual contact and I have done so in the past, but I am waiting for my Beloved. I only want my Beloved now. I want nothing less and I have no desire to spread the love through many different unions with different men. I am done with that. I want only my Beloved now. This went on for a few hours, the utter confusion of it and the display of outward grievance about what had been said. Until I remembered that I could sit and ask about what had been said. Maybe the true meaning was missed. So, I sat and I meditated and I asked. What does the word prostitute mean? What is the true meaning of prostitute in the highest sense?

A prostitute is one who brings another into Divine Union with God's Love through the act of sexual love.

I was awed. Oh, that is exactly what I want with my Beloved. That is exactly what I'm longing for. That is exactly where I see myself; in the arms of Grace and Love and Divinity. I am so awed by this fate.

Now, for this week's events. Today, I had another session with my beloved friend, Rev. Tammy Roupp, who has been so gentle and kind in her healings with me. She has taken me deep into the aspect of my own divinity and sexuality and has helped me to see more of who I truly am in this divinity and love. We worked on a lot of aspects of this Divinity and Sexuality and I suppose it has brought me the support to share this now as I feel that I am supposed to do. I feel that what is being said is important and is necessary for us to see our true Divinity as a human species. We must see that all of humanity is longing for this Love and this Union, this love and union with the Divine. It doesn't need to be in the form of sexual union, obviously, but sexual union can be a means to the Highest aspect of Grace. And the lower forms of sexuality need to be transformed into the highest aspects of Grace.

After my session, I came home and relaxed on the couch to take in what had been revealed and seen today. I was scrolling through FB a bit and watching what others were feeling. I noticed a couple of posts about The feast of St. Mary Magdalene. Wow, interesting timing, I thought. In reading some of these, I recognized a theme. It was the proclamation that Mary Magdalene was not the prostitute that the church intends her to be, but rather a divine partner of Jeshua. Interesting, I thought, since the word prostitute was just given to me as an initiation by a great Being.

So, do you suppose that Mary Magdalene was indeed a prostitute in the most holy of meanings of the word prostitute? Do you suppose that we shall allow her that title since it is indeed a great blessing to be. Do you suppose that the church itself initiated a great fallout by making the word prostitute an unholy attribute of feminine grace? Do you suppose we've gotten it all wrong?

I suppose we can see it differently and I see great Mary Magdalene on her feast day as a great prostitute who initiated the Highest Wisdom and Grace through sexual union with the great being we know as Jesus Christ.

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