What is Kundalini? Why does Mooji downplay the Divine?

I wrote the following in response to Mooji's video on the Kundalini awakening experience. For some reason, today it really responded to me within my being and asked to be brought forward in response form. I wasn't aware that I was feeling strongly about it, but I don't want others to be deceived by what he is teaching about it. I will be following up with a video on the truth of the Divine Awakening within the next couple of weeks. Love You All Always 💗

I wish that I would have seen the original awakening of Mooji that he speaks of as "child's play" because only in the true awakening of the Kundalini will someone feel the divine energy as the ecstasy of everything that is, ever was and ever will be. If he hasn't seen the awakening as the truth of his own being, in its pure essence, and its true divine meaning of life and all things, then he can't possibly see what it means to truly be awakened in this state. He is deceived by his own energy of misunderstanding. Unfortunately, he is arriving at this place through a misunderstanding of his own grace. Unfortunately, this allows others to be deceived as well. I wish we could all be deceived only in our own consciousness, and be relieved of this deception by our own grace. Mooji can't save you from this grace because he is not receiving this grace purely and truly within his being. The kundalini is the grace of god's energy and allows us all to awaken and be free! Unfortunately, he's not seeing this in the grace of all things. Be free Mooji, and allow us all to be free in this grace of divine understanding. We are Free!

In Divine Love and Grace,

Kai Shanti

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