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The emptiness of Consciousness is all we need

As we walk through our lives and we see that everything we are doing is Divine, we recognize that our lives are and always will be free. In this recognition, we realize that the emptiness that dwells within us as kindness, peace, truth, love and all things that are free is essentially all we need. This emptiness is the space of Divinity within our own true beings. This emptiness is the space of truth within our own true lives purpose.

We recognize that our lives are always and always will be in divine ecstasy with everything that is free and everything that is calling us into it to be free. Recognize the state of Oneness that is peace, love, truth and sensuality in our own bodies. We are free and everything within us is empty of anything that is not free. We are Divine. We are kind and we are being friendly and carefree.

Be Divine in the emptiness of your hearts space of peace now

We are all free in this space of Unity and awareness of peace. We are all free.

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