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Save the Cows

Recently in meditation, I was shown a beautiful image of a sparkly white cow and then was told in Divine Mother’s voice to “Save the Cows”.  I said, Wow, that is no small responsibility.  But I am on a mission now to save all beings that are not allowed to be free.  Cows, animals, beings of light that they are, are allowed to be free.  We all recognize them as great when we recognize the greatness within our own beings, so we all must be free to see that all beings are allowed to be free.

We must recognize that our lives are together with every other life on this earth plane.  We must recognize that our lives are intrinsically connected to everything that is happening, and when we allow these beings to be slain and disrespectfully consumed for meat on the plates of beings who are unseeing, we must accept responsibility to see others as we need to be.  We need to be free.  We need to see all beings as free.  We need to be accessible to our own kindness in every day that we are living. 

Allow your body to be free of this “need” and allow yourself to be free in this, and now be free to eat only what satisfies your body truly.  The holy light of God’s love is sufficient for our growth and our nourishment.  Eat what is generated by love and allow your body to be free of this need for subjugated fear and grief. 

We need to be free of this now.  Allow yourself to be free and allow all beings to be seen as free.

Let the cows and all of the animals be free.  Please be free in this.  Please be free!

We plan to make t-shirts and other awareness reminders of this, so if you or anyone you know may be interested in collaborating with me on this, please contact me.  Also, my son, Tixo and I will be starting a Youtube channel for vegan awareness and we will be going to restaurants, festivals, etc. to interview people and observe the people who are living this lifestyle.  If you would like to be interviewed or have ideas of where we can go to do this, please let us know.  

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

Beautiful baby sheep
Beautiful baby cow
Loving pigs
Cute Baby and Mama
Baby pig
Loving pigs
Adorable pig
So much Love
Adorable piglets
Big hug
Sweet kiss
Sweet kisses
Mama baby cuteness
mama and baby cow
Sweet pig mommy and baby
So sweet piglets
Sweet hugs

If you have beautiful images or videos of animals, please share below.  

We love to see more of our animal friends being Loved!

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