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Sometimes people may experience extraordinary things in these sessions and we'd like to show you the possibilities that are there for you to receive.

Feedback from Saturday Sessions, Awaken Your Subtle Energy, Live on Zoom

"Wow! I felt so much density release and with it so much expansion and light energies and love. So much more than I can express in words. Thank you, Kai. ❤️ I felt pain through the middle and top of my head. It’s a bit less, but still there...  At the end I felt lots of heat and still do. I’m still vibrating.  🙏 Love you

I could feel a lot going on in my crown chakra.

Wow!!!  Heat kept increasing and I was sweating... 😂 I welcomed the Shakti.  I am blown away by how powerful your sessions are." 🙏 ❤️

Denise R.

"Thank you for the session Kai. My heart was expanding...I felt connection with the Universe and felt how the energy flew through me!!! Thank you 🙏🏻 Love you ♥️😘"

Olga I. 

"Thank you Kai for the power, the bliss, and of course, all the LOVE that I felt within me & all around me"🙏🤗❤️

Rudrani B.

"Thank you. The energy was so beautiful yesterday. The kundalini was bursting for hours afterwards."

Jasen A.



"I'm very open about that fact that I get coaching, just like I recommend others do, and this is one of the best I've ever been coached by! Kai Shanti has an amazing gift! She's helped me grow so much in the last three months, I can hardly believe it. It's like what took me years of therapy in the past, in just a few months!! Check her out and work with her! You will love it!"

“I feel healed. It seems like each time, some deep healing occurs that leaves me feeling more whole. More one with the Divine.”

Brenda Florida

“KAI, I can’t thank you enough for your depth of Spirit!  You helped me to see and feel the full picture of the Things that had been hidden!  I have never experienced this much Inner Freedom!  Ever!

And the really cool thing is that is has been a Week now and nothing is returning!  IT IS Gone!  I am So Excited about My Life Now!!!  Bless You and Dedication to Spirit”

Barry Ackom

"(After working with Kai, I feel) Opened, Illuminated, and Empowered in long untouched areas, Seen in a deep, profound way, Empowered, Understood and Loved.

Activation, awakening of Shakti IN the layers of human mind- meaning like a Wisdom awakening of the Shakti that served my awakening and unraveling more profoundly than just energetic shakti transmission.

(She is) Deeply Intuitive and Empathic, Loving, Divinely, Wildly, Beautifully Unique, Vulnerable and Real"

Andy Melton

"Thank you Magnificent, Loving, Powerful, Magical Kai! I slept well last night and feel very empowered this morning.  I look forward to listening again to this BEYOND THIS UNIVERSE session!  You are a treasured angel gift to me and to so many others!

For me the session continues to resound loudly, gently, sweetly, deeply, gratefully, magically in every atom of my being!

There are truly no words that can express the freedom and self love and compassion that this session offered me and that I received so beautifully. Thank you my love for YOU"❤️


Rudrani Brand


"Thank you for an awesome healing tonight. You are a true gift from God and I am blessed to know you."💕 


Eileen Dgien

"The first time that I felt balls of energy in the palms of my hands swirling round and round so intensely, was with Kai Shanti at a Shaktipat she facilitated. She’s an amazing presence!"

Tammy Keorkunian

“Answers were coming to questions that I had not even asked yet! I like that regardless of what I think I want to know, I always get what I NEED.”

Dan Mangena  

"Aloha! I just listened to your 3 sharings on money manifestation. Powerful! Beauty filled! I am walking in this moment with more light, divine grace flowing through. A tremendous thank you!!!"  


Elisa Hurley

"I wanted to let you know, I received a gift of money yesterday afternoon. I had just listened to your first session (Money and Manifestation) in the morning. Thanks be to God!" 


Angela Miele



All of the following are from a dear new friend, Antonio Gil, who has inspired me with his Grace and Divine Love.

Dear Kai Shanti,

"I have been blessed to have found, and watched your videos, a true transformational experience. 

Immense Gratitude to the Divine for having our paths cross, and to you for your willingness to share your light."

"The energy you embody opens my heart. Pierces my soul.

In a dream, rose petals showered You, as You shared the message."


"Your questions open windows of perception that destroy illusions, setting my mind in the road towards enlightenment."


"Gratitude for the clarity You share."


"Bow to You in gratitude for opening my path to the Divine. Supporting me in the recognition of the Divine."


"The energy of Your words, Your action, filled me. Transformed me. I am.

Nothing stands between us."


"You shine the light of the Divine for me to see. To grow toward Transcendence."


"Your words and motions impact my total being at its core. They transform my soul"


"Your fire and passion are inspiring!"


""I am here to contemplate my Grace?" you ask, and Grace washed over me, feeling cleansed and renewed.

I am grateful for You awakening energy within me."


"Your gift to me is opening me to the Divine flame. I watch portions of your videos, as guided, daily. My energy shifts daily."


"Your expression of the Divine transforms my energy. I'm thankful for Your presence in the universe, and that the Divine directed my consciousness to meet You."


"I was guided to watch "walking with the one I love." The energy made me shake with glee." 


"I'm free! I feel the energy of Maha Shakti within. No need to know, just feel.

Gratitude for Your guidance. Your gift."


"I watched Your video this morning. I commented it was "life changing energy." I don't give idle compliments. I don't exaggerate." 


"I woke up today with fire aroused, arising in me. Looked for your video. 

Heard "be proud!" Was transformed. The last 2 days humbleness has been at the forefront of my consciousness. My misconception of it. My inability to accept my light. Hiding with the excuse of being humble, but in truth being afraid of shining.

There is much more. That must be processed and digested, and internalized--words that resonate with me, hope you understand.

I understood, by feeling as I watched, what Ma has been doing in me. I felt Kundalini rise. 

I'm grateful to the Divine for having put You in my path."


"I have been supporting someone and recommended that she watch your "Divinity or Distraction" video. Her statement "Wow, I felt immense peace within 2 minutes of that video meditation. The whole thing was very powerful. I subscribed!""


"Your guidance burns in me, freedom inspired."


"You, embody the truth. Transmits it so that I may embody it as well."


"Still in ecstasy, which is something, I learned yesterday, that never leaves us when we accept God's energy. 

I pray that You will continue to enlighten me." 


"Today I sat in quietness to contemplate the lessons our connection have brought to me.

I'm shown knowing that I'm Divine and expressing that Divinity fully. Unleashing it. 

Your presence with me as one opened new doors that in turn opened doors for others. 

Someone, who knew nothing about our play, commented on a post I shared "Bhakti." When asked she explained it was daily devotion to the Goddess." 


"Short and to the point. Although it could be long. 

Our meditation opened me up. Jai Kali Ma!"


"There's much more to say than simple words of Gratitude. Discovering You transformed me. 

You, Ma open doors I had held closed." 


"Gratitude for your presence in my life. I bow in recognition to your Grace. 

Jai Ma, Jai Kali Ma showing their Grace in us, to us."


"Acknowledging that I'm Divine. Free."


Antonio Gil 

"Hi Kai, loving the videos you are putting out

very powerful, healing and inspiring

jai ma"

Jack Bratcher

"I have no words to describe my incredible experience with you Saturday night.  Thank You!"

Gabriella L. Wise

"I had some serious shifts and breakthroughs from Shaktipat.  It was AMAZING!  I am so grateful.  This week at my dr. appt., he could SEE the difference and recommended I be doing more of it. ..."

Kameryn Westling

“I have worked with a few energy healers and spiritual guides over the years and my experience with Kai has been transformative. It has taught me about myself and has helped me to center. Kai is capable of channeling wisdom from the higher realms and answering questions. She can guide people on their journey. She activated my Shakti during our first Shaktipat session and since then I have been able to increase my energy and expand my consciousness. Compared to other experiences that I’ve had, there is a lot of heart in Kai’s approach. She is genuine, compassionate, loving, and gifted.”

Amir Chamsaz

"... I received a blessing that changed my life. Kai released a deep pain in my heart and introduced me to the Goddess Tara. I was told I was safe, and for the first time, in a long time, I feel the space to truly open my heart and introduce myself...."

Carole ~ Marietta, GA

"I had never heard the term "Shaktipat" before so I was curious. My Girlfriend mentioned to me that she wanted to attend a Shaktipat at a friend’s house that was being led by Kai. I did a quick google search and read a bit, but to be honest I was unclear on what it even was though I was open to trying anything that was related to this spiritual path I had recently taken up and was fully embracing, which was practicing Yoga and chanting kirtan.
As we sat around the room in a circle Kai and Rod started off the evening with a Chant that was unlike any I had heard before, It had such a great energy and I found myself in a really wonderful space. Then Kai bowed down in prayer and when she arose, she was channeling the Goddess, Kali Ma. I know nothing of "channeling" but this is what I assume was happening. It was then I noticed that her voice had changed and her motions and actions seemed to be controlled by an outside influence. As she went around the room she would engage each individual with a different chant, sometimes slow and sweet, other times very aggressively and in a shrill voice that could not be her own. Kai would go from one person to another and each experience was their own, each different. As she neared me, my mind raced, I was nervous and unsure what to expect. I felt completely safe and surrounded by love, yet, I was skeptical that I could ever have some kind of "spiritual" experience, that kind of thing only happens to other people...
Kai placed her hand on my head, and immediately I felt a warm sensation at the base of my spine...she began to quickly chant "Guru Guru Guru Guru..." over and over very quickly with a high energy. I was at first so shocked! How is it possible? How is it that I am feeling this energy??
Now the energy was building, it was slow, and so warming and comforting at the base of my spine, it began to move upward, slowly, softly and warmly, so I allowed myself to let go and just experience. Kai at one point whispered ever so sweetly in my ear "Don’t worry, I am here, Ma is here, don’t worry" and with that I was in such a meditative state like I had not known before. The Image of Hanumans face became clear to me, my eyes closed, I saw the exact outline of Hanuman's face as my own face, as though I was looking outward from my face and was seeing the world as Hanuman... This was such a wonderful sensation, I heard glorious music and was filled with golden light and the warm glow of loving energy. The warmth was now half way up my spine when Kai put her hand on my forehead and forced me to look upward, for a moment I opened my eyes to see her above me, still chanting "Guru Guru Guru" over and over, then I closed my eyes again as suddenly I was rigid with energy as I felt an electric like sensation shoot from the base of my spine upward, and I was immediately shown the image of Lord Ganesh. There was a wonderful euphoric feeling now filling every part of my being, I didn’t notice my aches and pains, I had no thought, only bliss and wonder at the experience, and ever upward the warmth in my spine traveled, and was now at my shoulders. Kai suddenly changed chants and put her hand on the top of my head, and a glorious energetic eruption flowed from the top of my head and outward. Pure Bliss.
All of this then faded, slowly, as the energy of her chanting subsided and she again whispered to me "Don’t worry, I am here, Ma is here".
Afterward, my girlfriend Tammy looked over at me and said I had the strangest look on my face, and I know I must have!! I was in SHOCK... and I was wondering, did everyone else have the same experience? Because, WOW, I just had myself a truly amazing experience! I believe I experienced a Kundalini rising and I can tell you I NEVER thought such a thing would happen to me. I can also tell you that for days, maybe even weeks, things seemed different, better perhaps?... more joyful and easy...and I still think that months later after my experience, it is still resonating with me...I will always take that night with me as I journey forward on my path, and I cannot thank Kai enough for sharing her amazing ability with me. I cannot wait to be involved in another Shaktipat with Kai! Jai Ma! " 

Todd Zieseniss

"Kai’s devotion to spirit is beyond exceptional. As her friend, she has taught me much about devotion and practice. It is because of her devotion, she is a clear and open channel for source. I am blessed to share this journey with her.

A session with Kai/Ma is a beautiful, loving yet direct experience. She has a way of asking you questions that direct you to your own answers. She understands what you are feeling and when you are confused, she can redirect you. She lovingly guides you to and through your pain to the other side where love resides, always. She will never take you there unwillingly, only in your own time. She has guided me through many sticking points, to my purpose, and shared divine bliss. You will not be disappointed and your ego will have difficulty with discrediting your experience. She is an Angel of Light!" 

 Angela Miele,

"Thank You For An Amazing Sacred Healing Activation Awakening & Remembrance Kai" 

Meryl Brinin

"I've been blessed to have been with MA/Kai many times. I love and trust Her and find Her extremely loving and pure. My desire to know truth is my passion, to remember who I am. She told me what I wanted to know, and much more beyond what I even knew to ask about. One thing I know for sure is, She loves Me and I love Her.

 Melanee Herrera, Williamsport, PA

"Your performance was absolutely phenomenal and therapeutic as well. It reopened that closed door allowing me to reconnect to higher consciousness in a new less chaotic way. It's wonderful. Namaste!"

Jeffrey M. Geis - founder

"Kai's work is an extrodinary experience! I've participated in about 20 Shakti weekly group sessions conducted by Kai. First I must say that Kai is very dedicated to her daily spiritual practice and has a very powerful connection to spirit.

Kai's beautiful singing voice and mastery of the harmonium along with her husband's drumming talents and chanting by the group combine to create a divine setting for her work. Kai works directly on each participant, for me it was a little different each time. Speaking in various languages she is obviously directed by spirit to awaken and move the energy to where it is needed most. I apparently had a blockage at my third eye which required repeated work. Eventually I had a breakthrough and have since been more intuitive and aware of spirit. 

After each session I was in a "bliss state," which sometimes lasted for several days. The energy also radiates to others.  I found that people and animals sometimes reacted to the energy I radiated, my two cats wouldn't leave me alone after a session.

Kai's work is a true blessing."

Larry Seaman, Williamsport, PA

" i go where the blessings are. and the blessings come to where i am. they have been numerous.


it was her picture that drew me: her soft blond hair and no makeup skin. and her name (the name of the ocean, the name of someone whose eyes have the bright blue of my favorite place to swim on the planet). to imagine this woman could hold Kali energy in her body & wield blessings truly intrigued me. i felt an opportunity had arisen, that this night would hold for me a special gift.


a group of nearly 20 of us gathered. we sang a devotional song for a long while, several words sung repeatedly & increased tempo over time. i sung hard from my navel, from the pit where sound begins. i opened my throat and felt my voice bouncing off the walls, threading with the harmonium, the mridangam, clapping & the other voices of those sitting on the floor all around me. and when we finished singing, Kai Shanti was ready. she took off her orange shirt to reveal a red tee with a picture of Kali underneath. she picked up a hand held broom made of peacock feathers, began to chatter in rapid gibberish and yelping sounds like a giddy girl child.


the first person Kali went to was wafted with the feather cluster, striking their chest & back. there was a moaning, then, a slow crescendo of a scream! an ear piercing utterly incomprehensible octave. i sheepishly peeked to see the goings on, quickly closing my eyes again to focus on my inner state. when the release was complete, Ma Kali said: "Awww it's okay Ma, you're okay Ma, see? There you go, there you go" in that youthful pitch. i felt many of us pondered how our blessings would go, with such an unexpected start.


Ma Kali would randomly choose the next person. she would "hit" (as much as that word can describe being struck with soft stalks of feathers) her body & the body of the person she came to. the interactions with each were unique. either gurgling guttural retching, as if she was eating the darkness she coaxed from within the person she touched, throwing it back up. other times yelling, angry sounding. then soothing, laughing. or singing: "Go Home, Hari Om, Go Home, Hari Om - hee hee hee hee heeeeee!". one blessing involved jumping on someone's back & screaming with glee. and towards the end, a call for all of us to put our hands upon a woman to assist the healing, a great community leader who helps so many, our hands helped her as tears flowed down.


as soon as i felt the feathers whapping my chest the fear came. but she was very gentle. chanting "Allah Allah Allah Allah..." and her special message to me, said again & again: "You know this already Ma!" of course she knew to tell me this - because everyday i feel like i don't know, everyday i ask for clarity. i melted into her arms. total surrender. surrendered "i don't know". she only touched the right side of my body, only spoke in my right ear. she felt around the right side of my back and said "Oh! There it is!!! Let it go let it go let it go" as she buzzed in my ear "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" sent shockwaves through my spine.


in the days following, as this new space within integrates & darkness clears, there is laughter leftover. i have been easily in ecstasy, rejoicing with little cause. the clouds have also come and the tears fall like rain, the pain short lived. expanding the sense of emptiness. breathing it. living it. cultivating fearlessness by facing each & every one of them i have. wrapping my arms around each fear until it melt. and each time this happens, i crack up!"

 Heart Wisdom, Houston, TX

"I also have been feeling 'an expanding sense of emptiness' since the Shaktipat. It is amazing to me how each person had the experience s/he needed. For me, I felt the 'shockwaves through my spine', but it was gentle - gently climbing up my spine from the base of my spine to my heart, where it got stuck, and had to work through a block there. I felt the rising channel of electric-power stop, as if the cobra snake of Kundalini had bumped it's head on a dense, dark cloud. Then, I felt a wave of sorrow well up inside my chest, and I let it go... the grief I held there in my heart. The sorrow for... I don't know what, and it's not important... the sorrow, the grief releasing, moving through my body, out through my voice in sobs and moans and out through my tears, shaking in my chest... and Ma Kali held me and said, 'It's okay Ma, it's okay.' And I leaned into Ma Kali's arms and she wrapped them around me and held me close and tight. I let myself be comforted by the Divine Mother, letting go... and I felt so safe and loved in Her arms. Then the Love I felt from Her made me so happy! And the tears turned into laughter and giggles erupted from my lips, my throat. And I was so grateful to be Loved by Kali Ma, the Great Mother. And I felt the dark cloud lift away from my heart. And Kali touched my chest again, saying, 'okay, okay' and she guided the gentle electric shock up to the back of my head, and then to the crown... and I could sense the cobra's head expanding, Kundalini had risen in me and I was full of Love!"

Emery Lauten Meadows

“It's difficult for me to put things into words sometimes, but I felt like you helped clear some of the blocks to my higher self and helped me re-realize the power of my Divine masculine self, while still honoring and respecting the divine feminine. I've had clearings before, and have been able to pray and bring it back before, but it was different this time. Also, the more healings I've had, the easier it is (at times) to bring myself back.  However, I am remembering how to bring myself back a bit better now with your help...I'm calling on my Shiva self!”

Matt Lessner





"As I arrived for my session, Kai had greeted me with a wonderfully welcoming smile.  She radiates such an immense amount of pure Divine Energy, and I could feel it in her presence.  I have always had this connection with her ever since I've seen her.  She led me to her beautiful meditation room and had me lie down on her massage table.  Making sure that I was completely comfortable, (not too hot, or cold, and whether I had enough cushion for my head,) she had started the music specifically for the session, told me to relax, and began to pray.  Like the loving touch of a mother, she began to instinctively go to the most stagnant energy points within my chakras.  After some time passed, she asked what I was feeling in my body.  As I tried to speak, my throat had felt heavy and almost unable to make a noise; eventually I was able to answer her.  I was feeling this vibrational numbing, and tingly sensation in my head.  She started there, praying, cleansing, and blessing me.  She is such a powerfully aware being, the Divine Energy flowing through her allows her to speak in other languages, clearly not only from just her being.  She asks me what I'm here for, what I'm supposed to do and who I am.  In the meditative trance-like state I was in, I heard myself answering her, FEELING these honest pure words assure myself in confidence that this was the truth.  She went to other various points, blessing, praying and sucking out all of the negative energy within each point.  The more she went through this, the more my body melted into the table, twitching every so often to a deep relaxation, but also FULL of energy.  I could feel each part of me opening and starting to balance.  During this, my vision was lit up with various morphing moving colors of energy, dancing along my eyelids.  By the time she got to my feet, I was completely still, not in my body, but still grounded.  At some point as she was finishing, she had gone to Ajna, and I could feel my eyes twitching into the back of my head quickly, making my head feel a whole vibration towards the crown.  Colors shot along with the movement of my eyes.  She finished by going along my chakras and ending my session.  Opening my eyes, I saw more clearly, vibrating full of energy, relaxed and new.  I felt my own Divine Energy glowing from myself!  What a wonderful and amazing experience I had just had!  Kai's presence is calming, loving and warm cradling you like a mother to her child.  I know in my heart this is what I needed to do to heal, and ever since, I have more of an appreciation for everything, and feel my conscious awareness.  Thank you for your love Kai, and I am eternally grateful for all you do!"

Alyssa Humphrey

"Kai, tonight was truly amazing!  I feel like I just took another step closer to the divine in my journey!  I felt like my entire body and soul were buzzing from the moment I walked into your home!  I could have talked all night about my experiences and asked a million questions.  I am sitting here telling my husband about tonight and the markings on my arms are tingling like crazy...I feel like spirit is here. ... I can't wait to see you again and have another Goddess Group!!"

Eileen Ebner





Experiences from the Shaktipat Blessings at the Scarlet Shakti Temple hosted by Nuit Moore at Lovelight Festival:

"There was amazing energy in that tent!"
"Divine Love was so high I could feel it a few tents away, Jai Ma!  Thank you Kai for living your light!"

~ Angela Miele

"The blessings that my temple and Red Tent experienced today at Lovelight, I have no words, I am full.  I am beyond deepest gratitude for my sisters and brothers today. Beyond.  This beautiful moment was during the Shaktipat offered by the amazing Kai Shanti.  Maa spiraled through me like a cobra.  I literally wept from the ecstasy of it."
"Seriously, I wept from the ecstasy of it."

~ Nuit Moore

"Oh this energy has been very strong in me today, clearing out a lot, Kai, intense it is!"
~ Deva Vidya

"This was a very powerful and transformative healing from Kai"
~ Sharon Silverstein

"It was absolutely amazing.  Loved it!  Thank you."
~ Carol Lynn Meckley

"The Shakti and chanting was delicious, and like a good meal, came in stages.  The appropriate essences, the taste of the divine all mingled into my being creating a feeling of warmth and positivity.  When it came time for the Mother to make Herself known, I giggled then allowed my head to lean back, be supported by Her embrace.  When I did this some nagging deep pelvic pain (read guilt) returned, churning up within me.  I readied for the healing and emptying, I leaned further back down.  
Sweet Her acceptance, "I know, I know".  She whispered into my ear, and with that, another gush of Shiva's tears.  I am grateful to have cleansed my womb, emptied my doubt once again, sat and bathed in the company of the feminine holy.  Thank you Kai for holding the honor of this transmission.  
I had had a belly birth, and although 20 year ago, scar tissue remains in my womb from the surgery.  It is a taboo subject speaking of our birthing pains or for me guilt that I could not or simply did not have a vaginal birth in this go round.  My son is perfect and it is me, slowly dissolving this guilt around it!  Our healing and acceptance is ongoing and discovering our soft sides in this warm and safe embrace is lovely to experience.  It continues to inform my own compassion for others pain and illness."

~ Ajeet Khalsa - Dancing Spider Yoga 

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