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"Kai Shanti has an amazing gift! She's helped me grow so much in the last three months, I can hardly believe it. It's like what took me years of therapy in the past, in just a few months!! Check her out and work with her! You will love it!"  - Brenda F.

"(After working with Kai, I feel) Opened, Illuminated, and Empowered in long untouched areas, Seen in a a deep, profound way, Empowered, Understood and Loved.

(She is) Deeply Intuitive and Empathic, Loving, Divinely, Wildly, Beautifully Unique, Vulnerable and Real" - Andy M.

“KAI, I can’t thank you enough for your depth of Spirit!  You helped me to see and feel the full picture of the Things that had been hidden!  I have never experienced this much Inner Freedom!  Ever!

And the really cool thing is that it has been a Week now and nothing is returning! 

IT IS Gone!  I am So Excited about My Life Now!!!  Bless You and Dedication to Spirit”

– Barry A.

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I am very accepting of all Beings as Free, Divine and Pure.

All beings deserve to be seen and heard and experienced as they truly are in Divine Light!


I will accept you and allow you to see who you truly are in Divine Light in All Things!

If you want to see me as Divine, Pure and Free and Experience this Union of Divinity in all things; this is where we meet.  This is where Divine Grace occurs and Deep Healing can be seen.  We accept each other as Free and allow Divinity to see all things within us as Free, Divine and Pristine.  In this place of profound depth and longing, Grace is seen and Healing is Emerged from within our Being.  It is already so, and in this space of depth and Longing, it is Seen, Heard and Known.

 There isn't much that needs to be seen beyond this truth, beyond this depth, beyond this yearning because this is where all things are seen, and in all things, we are Already Free.

If you don't understand who you are, why you are here, or what you are doing, allow it to be seen in this deep space of truth; it is All Knowing, and we are All Already Free!

Minimum Suggested Donation for Private Sessions on Zoom

is $250

I am finding that working with someone over time, whether weekly or biweekly, is what is promoting the most change

Please click the link below to schedule a session.   
Thank You!  

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