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A Divine Awakening

November 2-4, 2018

Flat Rock, North Carolina


A Kundalini Shakti Transmission


Tim Rustow



Kai Shanti


Awaken your latent Divine energy (kundalini shakti). Dive deep into the joyous heart of Kali (Divine Mother) Consciousness. 

Tim Rustow and Kai Shanti share experiences and evoke spiritual awareness; the most obvious manifestation is bhava.  Bhava is when the Divine manifests within our being.  Bhava has to do with the spirit, and spiritual phenomena are beyond what the mind can grasp. Bhava is an expression of the path of devotion, the attitude of love.

Tim and Kai will share Kali bhava darshan— a powerful palpable fully-embodied spontaneous transmission of the Kali’s Grace. Kali bhava darshan is the frequency of loving radical transformation that reveals the True Self. 

All is Divine Mother. Shakti is the Totality. We "worship" Shakti as the "outer" guru knowing that that which is worshiping Her is also Shakti -- the “inner” guru. Shakti is worshiping Shakti. And you, yes you, are THAT. All is ONE.

Waves of Shakti’s Grace will spontaneously pulse through our beings releasing deep energetic blocks and thus deepening our connection to the ONE singular consciousness. These waves can be felt as many different yogic phenomena such as spontaneous chanting, light language, pranayama, visions, laughing, crying, bliss, joy and love. 

Love is the very fabric of the universe. Love is all pervasive. We are THAT Love. All you need is Love!


Sanctuary in the Pines

34 Lake Cove Rd., Flat Rock NC 28731


November 2 - 4, 2018

Check in 3 pm Friday, November 2

Check out 4 pm Sunday November 4

Workshop Cost $375


~ 2 nights accomodations at Sanctuary in the Pines

~ 6 Delicious Vegan Meals, both cooked and raw options will be available, all produce will be local/organic/non gmo, let us know if you have any food allergies when you register

~ A Divine Awakening Retreat

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Kai interviewing Tim in Ujjain, India

Kai's Kundalini Awakening Experience

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