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When we are offering our libations to God and we know that everything is ok, we will find that our offerings are received by Grace!  We will find that our offerings are always accepted by Divinity and Peace.  Know yourself as Divine by sitting in your true essence today and all days.  Let yourself be free by accepting your grace within your own true being.  When we accept ourselves as free, we know that everything we are doing is Great.  Let this be your truth today and let me see you as you are in grace today.

Let us be together in this way.  Let us be together in these things and let us be free in this knowing of Oneness and Peace.

Let us be together as we accept our own essence of Peace.

Let us be together as we know ourselves as free.

Below is what I am offering and where I will be. 


Please come join us and know yourself as free today.  Know yourself as divinity within your own being.  Know yourself as you are today and always; Divine beings of truth.

When we offer ourselves to the Divine, Everything is Free


Nothing Currently Scheduled

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