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What Is It to Be In Love?

When I feel the feelings within me that want to know Love, what is that feeling? Where does it come from? Is it healthy? Is it longing? Is it something that needs to be gotten rid of or looked further into?

I am in Divine Love and Divine Union when I feel God's heart within me. Isn't that enough? Shouldn't that satisfy my longing for Love? Shouldn't that be enough?

I don't want to go deeper into the subject until I can fully understand what it is that is calling to me. What is it that is longing for this love on this earth plane? Is it a love that is actually real? Is there something within me that wants to know more?

I want to know love so deeply that it covers my whole forest of inquiry within me and around me. I want to know love so deeply that it expires any thoughts of wanting more. I want to know love so deeply that it understands me and I understand it. What is Love?

Is there a pang within me that understands the depth of my longing, but doesn't want to show itself to the world? I have a love so deeply embedded within me that it shows itself every day in every aspect of my being. It expels any thoughts of loneliness or feeling alone. The longing is the measure of my need to know more. More about it. More about what? What is this love?

What is Love? Again and again I ask this question because who knows really what it is that we are looking for? Who knows this love that longs so deeply within me that it isn't for sale and it isn't used and it isn't lost in unconscious love. It is only Love, pure and true, the only love that exists in the reality of God's Grace. That is the Love that we long for now. Only love from a deep space of understanding, purity, comfort, grace and Divinity.


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