Deep Inspiration

I was seeing myself as divine and free in the perfect manifestation of grace. Everything was wonderful and being divine in me. It's all coming together ultimately. It's all becoming one in divine grace.

I was deeply inspired today to see the amount of people responding to a post about my ex-husband Rod's illness and inquiring about his recovery. "Will he be ok?" seem to be the resounding words. And it inspired me to think about those words, "will he be ok?". Will he be ok? What does that mean? Does it mean he's not ok if he's sick and maybe dying? Does it mean he's ok if he's well in body? Are we well in body? Most of us seem to have something going on in our bodies. Most of us seem to be suffering deeply in some way. Are we all ok? Are we all dying ultimately? Are we all ok?

I am inspired to see the difference between ok and not ok. What does it mean? Ultimately, it would seem, the way to be ok is to melt directly into the arms of grace, into God's golden embrace, into the consciousness of love.

I would like to see myself as divine and free every single day. This is the way that I know that I am ok. But, when the physical conditions seem to worsen and the pain of the physical embodiment pulls us into its embrace, the pain can override everything, including God's grace. In those moments, all we want is relief. All we want is compassion, love, kindness, and care. A nice face, an understanding smile, a moment of reprieve.

So what is it to be ok? Why is suffering so prevalent on this earth plane? Why is it ok to be ok, but not ok to be not ok? I have come to accept the idea that I may not understand everything on this earth plane. My mind is too confined to comprehend the greatness of this reality and I don't need to know. It's ok. I can be ok not knowing if I am ok because I know that I am in God's grace.

But I do know that a compassionate touch, a moment of grace where someone cares enough to ask "are you ok?", a caring gesture helps us all through the pain and that to me is ok. I like being ok in the knowing that we are all being ok by accepting each other's grace and allowing the love of those who care to embrace us every day.

I just need to understand being ok doesn't need to be hard. It just needs to be a moment of a face smiling back at me letting me know that I am ok. Somewhere, somehow this makes sense to me.

I will always be in God's grace. I will always be free and I will always be the one who came here to be great. That is our inherent knowledge on this earth plane and within that, we are all free to be caring, kind, compassionate and loving in the face of pain.

I Love You All

Be Free

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