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The Kundalini Revealed ~ What Is It?

We are revealing the Kundalini Energy to be Accepted and Alive in each and every being. It is our path to be Awakened and Alive to this Energy of Grace!

Every single one of us is that Consciousness of Grace, is that Consciousness of Truth, is that Consciousness of Love, is God’s Divinity, is God’s Truth, each and every one of us is that.

The Kundalini Awakening is part of our Spiritual Evolution, it’s part of our Spiritual Path, it’s part of who we are. It’s our birthright. As a Divine Being of Light on this earth plane, it is our birthright to be awakened to this Kundalini within our bodies.

The Kundalini works within us inadvertently by allowing all of the systems within our bodies to work. But, when the inner awakening of the Kundalini awakens and occurs that’s when out spiritual evolution happens. That’s when our spiritual birth happens.

It is not something that cannot be had by each and every being.

When She is awakened, the Kundalini rises, the Kundalini purifies our body, purifies our system, purifies us to be one with Divinity, so that we may reach our full state of Oneness, Truth and Divinity. It is not separate from anyone or anything.

I use the word Kundalini because that is the tradition that I was awakened in.

The Kundalini Shakti is the very aspect of ourselves that is God. She is the awakened aspect, the aspect that is energetically creating life on this earth plane.

The Kundalini Energy is our very essence and She is our very core.

Each and every one of us has the right to have this energy awakened and active within us so that She may consciously bring us to the full state of Divine Union with our True Selves.

We cannot be separate. God is Love. Love is God. Consciousness is Love. Love is Consciousness. She is the awakening of all things Divine and Free. She is allowing us to accept our power of Divinity within our beings now.

Christ Consciousness, Holy spirit, this energy does not put a name on itself, we have named this energy.

Those of us who are awakening this energy in others, it’s our path, it’s our Truth, it’s our Divinity to see this through, to see this awakening occur. It’s my path, it’s my Truth, it’s my Divinity, to allow this energy to awaken in all those around me.

I want you to awaken to the Truth of who you are, wherever you reside, whatever culture, whatever your skin color, hair color, eye color, whether you’re a male or female or somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter, we are All One. We are all One Love, One Grace, One Truth, One Divinity, and my passion is to each and every one of us awaken to this Divine Grace within our beings.

Something deeper within us that knows our truth, that becomes alive within us, that seeks only for Freedom and Grace in all things free. I am Alive, Graceful, Loving and Divine. I am free.

We want to go Deeper into our Truth.

There is no separation between anyone or anything on this earth plane. Know that you are the Grace of God’s Love, that you are the Grace of God’s Truth, that you are the Grace of God’s Divinity and we all seek for that Grace and that Truth within our own beings. We all know at the very heart of our soul, at the very heart of our Essence that God’s Grace comes through us as the Divinity of all things free.

Watch the video Here

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