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Consciousness is in the World as Me

If we are Graciously receiving the world around us into us and allowing it to be the Consciousness of all things, that world will be experienced as Gracious, Kind, Loving and Free! It is always free in our divine, inner understanding of Grace.

If we are here now in this moment and we are experiencing peace and we are experiencing love and we are experiencing joy, and the divinity within us wants to be seen, heard and felt in the world around us, then why not see that in the world, in what we are doing every day.

Today is the day that we are going to experience this Consciousness within us.

When we walk in the world, this Consciousness, this Grace, this Truth is available to everyone, to everything we meet. It’s available through us.

It changes things around us.

The consciousness within us is this wonderful grace, truth and divinity.

As we experience that more and more and we allow that experience to come into our beingness more and more, we can share that with those in the world around us and we can see the experience of grace happening around us and we can see those around us experiencing that grace and we can literally see things shifting right in front of our face. We can literally see things making a change in consciousness right in front of our face.

Let’s go in our hearts, deep in our hearts. The heart space is the truth of our consciousness, the truth of our bliss, the truth of our divinity.

Those around you are picking up that vibration and they are allowing that vibration to become a part of themselves.

I accept my Graciousness. I accept my Consciousness. I accept my Truth. I accept my Divinity. I accept my feelings of Oneness in all things Divine, Perfect, Loving and Free.

You can literally shift the reality, the consciousness around you just by being in this place of truth and divinity.

Know that you are the divine essence of all things. Know that you are the truth of all things. Know that your experience of grace, right here, right now is aware of everything around you becoming grace, and opening up to the truth. It’s aware of everything around you knowing itself as free.

You can start seeing things as energy, as energetic aliveness, as energetic experience. You see that things are not as they always seem to be. They are opening and expanding in awareness just because your consciousness has expanded in awareness. How do we change the consciousness around us? Become you as you in your divine self, in your divine truth, open up to the consciousness within you, expand that into the gracious consciousness of everything that you see and do, and watch how that awareness touches everything in your experience and moves it into the direction of your own consciousness, divinity and truth.

~ Light Language of Grace ~

If our consciousness can touch the energy and the consciousness of those around us, then we know that the separation that we’ve experienced is not real.

We are One Consciousness. It is the God Consciousness that we are, each and every one of us.

If that consciousness believes itself to be separate, but you’re experiencing the Oneness of Consciousness, you cannot see that being as a separate entity anymore. You see only the Oneness that dwells within everything and everyone.

God’s Love, God’s Grace, God’s Truth, God’s Divinity is where each and every one of us dwells.

~ Light Language for Love ~

Shiva Shaiva Guru Kali Ma

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