What Are Facts?

The facts are the facts as long as we don’t see the Truth within our being!

What is it that we’re here for? What is it that we’re here to do? What is it that we’re here to experience? What is it that we’re here to feel?

There is so much freedom living on this earth plane.

We’re addressing some questions that came up after the video we made about Climate Change.

Only your heart knows what the facts are. That’s where the facts reside.

Anything that is shown to you as a fact can be disproven.

We’re here to talk about the idea of facts. What is a fact?

Anything that can be proven as a fact can be disproven as well.

The heart knows. The heart sees. The heart feels. The heart experiences.

What if you look inside your heart where all divine things are free? There is no question about that. Everything in your heart space is free.

The fact is, we are all Free! That is the fact. We are all Free!

Go into your heart space. Find the compassion. Find the love. Find the Truth within you that knows.

Do we pick the facts that work for us? Do we pick the facts that we like and ignore the facts that we don’t like? A fact is a fact only as far as a fact can go into our Divine Self, into our True Self.

What is the real fact? What is the real truth? What is the real Divinity that lies within us, as us, as the Peace, as the blessing of all things?

The real devastation that’s taking place is the fact that we are completely separated from our inner divine selves, our inner divine consciousness, our inner divine truth.

The dilemma that lies within our heart, that causes the separation from what is real, is going to create more of that and more of that and more of that. Unless we change what’s really happening within ourselves so that we can see the divinity around us, so that we can see the divine world opening up to us, so that we can see everything that is already here within our being.

The Kingdom of Heaven dwells within. Jesus said that. Would you see the suffering and climate change in heaven? Would you see these facts that are being presented in heaven? If heaven is within, isn’t everything we need within? Isn’t the pure, beautiful, divine earth that we are wanting to live on within?

If you can’t see it within yourself, you are never going to experience it in the world around you. Do you want those facts to change? If you go into yourself and you find that Divine Place within, you are going to look on the internet and you are going to see a story that says, guess what, we cleaned up that fact.

It’s going to change.

Start going within yourself. Start finding the Truth within yourself. Start facing the fears within yourself. Start looking at what’s really going on within you.

I guarantee that if you take three weeks and decide that you’re going to go into a deep meditative practice every day, maybe twice a day, and you find that Divinity within, and you find that Bliss within, and you find that Peace within, and you find that Heaven within and you release some of that fear about those facts, release some of that anxiety about those facts, you release some of that knowing about those facts; what’s going to show up? You will see evidence of some of those facts clearing up in your life because that is what you are creating.

What if we all come together and we create this divinity within? What if we all come together and recognize that heaven dwells within? What if we all come together and recognize the peace within?

What would happen?

~ Light Language for Grace~

Watch the video on Youtube:


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