Grace Is Filling Us

Grace is Receiving me! Grace is Filling me! Grace is Knowing me! I am Free in this Grace! All is Free 💗

How many Awakenings have we had in this lifetime?

Everything is about Grace. Do you know that if we just surrender to Grace in this moment, everything is Divine, everything is Perfect, everything is Free?

This Grace that works within us is God. It’s God’s Consciousness. It’s God’s Bliss. It’s God’s Divinity.

What is the Grace within you?

Grace is everything. We receive everything through Grace. We are gifted everything through Grace.

What is that Opening and Expansion?

Can we feel grace within us right now? Can we receive grace into our highest Essence right now? How is Grace receiving us? How is Grace knowing us? How is Grace accepting us?

As long as we know Grace within us, we know that we are Divine, Perfect and Free!

How much Love is within you? How much Love fills you? How much Love receives you?

Can you consciously allow yourself to feel that Love within your being; opening and expanding within your being?

I am Love. I am Truth. I am Peace. I am Divinity. I am feeling that Angelic quality within me, of Grace, of Love.

Being completely saturated with that Grace within our being. Knowing completely the truth of our being as that Grace.

I am the Consciousness. I am the Love. I am the Truth. I am the Divinity. Inside of me is everything I need.

Receiving Grace Into My Being

Deeply receiving Grace into my being

Deeply experiencing Grace, Truth, Love, Divinity. Seeing, feeling, knowing myself as the one that I came here to be. I am Free. I am Divine. I am Perfect. I am energetically awakening to this consciousness within me.

~ Light Language Divine Love ~ Experiencing, Receiving

Light Language for Grace

Light Language for Peace

Light Language for Truth

Transmission of Grace

Allow the Grace within you to be expanding into the Consciousness of everything you will ever be, everything you have ever been

We are That

We are That

We are That

I Love You

Thank You!

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