Climate Change or Fear in the Making

October 16, 2019

Climate Change or Fear in the Making?  What does it mean to be in fear?  And how can we Change Anything from that space?  


Is everything in our world perfect?  


Ecstasy; What is the ecstasy of life?  What is the ecstasy of love?  What is the ecstasy of divinity?  What is the ecstasy of divine union?


Ecstatic Union with the Divine


This essence within us, that comes from within us, this is the essence that takes us into the world that we see every single day.  


Why are we afraid?  Why are we afraid that the world is going to explode or that the world is going to fall apart beneath our feet?  


What is that fear?  What is that worry?  What is that grief?  Where is that coming from?


If we read the news lately, what’s happening in the world?  The predictions aren’t giving us hope, they aren’t giving us light, they aren’t giving us love.  


What is going to happen to this Beautiful, Divine, Perfect Being of Light that we’re living on called (Maya) Mother Earth?  


The light within us, the truth within us, the divinity within us, is the freedom of all things, and only when we find that light within us, that divinity within us, that truth within us can we experience that in the world around us.


When we get caught in the net of fear, the fear captures us and it takes us away.  It takes us away from our own True Self.


Now we have a big group of people who are afraid.  How can a big group of people who are afraid affect any change on this earth plane?  How can a big group of people who are afraid do anything that is free on this earth plane?  How can a big group of people who are afraid make the changes necessary that need to take place within our own being?


Look deep within yourself.  See what’s causing the fear.  See what’s causing the pain.  See if there’s any avoidance of your own Self by going into the world, by making up images in the world that create fear, that create pain.


Taking action from the place of fear and panic; what are we creating?  


Take the time to go within.  Take the time to understand the Grace, Love and Peace within.  Take the time to know the Divinity within.  


When we’re doing our Divine Path, when we’re doing what we came here to do, we don’t do it in fear.  We do it with Joy and Love.  We do it with the Knowingness that this is why we’re here.


Don’t believe the lies.  Don’t believe that the world is going to implode.  Believe that your own inner truth is what you see in the world around you.


If there’s an action that needs to be taken, just take it, not because we’re going to explode, not because we’re going to implode, not because everything is devastatingly scary, just because.  It’s like an actionless action.  We go deep in our heart, get a feeling, and we do, and we do with Joy and Grace and Love.  


Mother Earth is fine.  She’s Divine Light.  We’re living with her, on her, in her and around her.  The more we experience the love of her, the truth of her, the more we allow her to be who she is, in her grace and her truth and her divinity.


~ Light Language for Grace ~

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