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I Love You & Guru Love!

I Love You and the Guru's Love are intertwined in my Heart as the Perfection of Grace that is Everything that ever was and ever will be!

I am here now in this moment experiencing me

Divinely, gracefully receiving everything that is mine already

We’ve only believed that we are not that because we’ve been believing lies. Everything is within us.

What is it that you are?

What is that grace within us?

We become that because we are that.

Come here, right here, right now, into this moment with me. Come into this moment with me. Be Peace. Be Divine. Be Free. Be Truthful. Be Loving. Be Kind. Be who you are already, who you’ve always been, who you will always be.

I Love You!

That’s our purpose, the purpose of life, that’s my purpose, that’s my grace, that’s my truth, that’s my divinity.

What does I Love You mean?

I Love You means I can accept divinity, I can accept truth, I can accept peace, I can accept everything that I am, ever have been and ever will be into my being right now and I accept you as the grace of who you truly are and I can accept you as the beingness of who you truly are.

We are conscious of the awareness of the True Self within our beingness right now.

I had a Guru on this earth plane that awakened my Shakti, my Kundalini Energy. I’m now looking to other Gurus and astral Gurus in other planes of consciousness.

When I give grace, when I give blessings, when I give truth, they’re working through me, they’re working with me. They’re working in honor of everything that is, that ever was, and ever will be.

All the great traditions, all the great Yogas, all the great Knowingness; we’ve always had someone there for us to help us, to intertwine us with that great energy of peace that is within us.

What is the Love of a Guru?

What do you mean when you say this teacher is pure and this teacher is not pure? What does that mean in your heart? What does that mean to you?

He expresses to me all the Grace of who He is. He reveals Himself deeply. He reveals the essence of what he’s going through as a human on this earth plane. What does it mean to be pure in that experience?

Why don’t we all walk in grace in every aspect of our life and be who we are as we came here to be.

When I look to my Gurus, I look to them as the pure beings of light that they have come here to be. Because they share that energy with me, they share that grace with me, they share that truth with me. And I know if they’re sharing that Truth with me that I’m becoming that same Essence of Grace within my own Self.

How deeply can I dive into this I Love You feeling with these beings of Light in my life? How deeply can I dive into this feeling of I Love You?

I feel the Deepest Grace. I feel the deepest Truth. I feel the deepest Divinity with these beings who are guiding me, teaching me, loving me and showing me the way to be the truth of my pure essence within my true being.

A Guru to me is the perfect divinity of peace within my own self. A Guru to me is the perfect divinity of love that holds an essence for me to become and to be in this moment of grace.

That Guru already knows me as Grace. That Guru already knows me as Peace. That Guru already knows me as Divinity. There is no separation between that being and my being.

I Love the I Love You!

I Love You as my Consciousness. I Love You as my Grace. I Love You as my Knowingness. I Love You as my Truth. I Love You. I Accept You and I Feel You.

~ Light Language for Grace ~

Hanuman is the Greatest Devotee of I Love You!

Watch the Video on Youtube:

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