We Are Enlightenment Now!

Can you be Enlightened Right Now? Is it possible to know your Enlightenment right now in this moment of Peace?

This is the moment that we know that we are everything we’ve always wanted to be.

Is there a reason to want more? Is there a reason to not see ourselves as Divine?

Why do we look at these questions?

Is this moment the pure moment of peace that we’ve been waiting for?

Is it possible that it can just be this moment?

It’s now. It’s right now. Can we recognize that this moment is the moment that we’ve been waiting for?This is the moment of our peace. This is the moment of our truth. This is the moment of our divinity.

I want to know myself as divine and free. I want to know myself as pure. I want to know myself as whole. I want to know myself as the divine essence of all things. I want to know me.

Can we be now, here, in this moment and experience ourselves as divine, perfect, loving and free?

Can we be enlightened right now in this moment of Consciousness?

This is the moment to experience yourself as Divine and Free.

Let’s experience Consciousness in the Truth of our Knowingness Now.

We can see that God’s Grace rests within us Right Now.

Receive it into you. Know it within you. Feel it within you. Become it within you. Experience the Light of Consciousness and Grace and Truth and Bliss within your own being. You are the Consciousness and the Truth and the Light and the Beingness of you.

Explode into your own Divinity Right Now.

Feel the knowingness within you right now.

I am this Moment. You are this Moment. We seek each other in this moment. We begin and we end in this moment.

Accept yourself as That Experience of Grace, right now, right here, in this moment.

Feel the Graciousness and the Consciousness and the Bliss Exploding into your being, becoming every part of you.

I Am Enlightenment. That’s who we are. We are all fully enlightened into the divine Essence of our true selves right now. Feel it, Accept it, Know it, and Be it.

Light Language for Blessings of Peace!

Watch the Video Here:


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