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Take the Time for a Morning Practice!

Alive, Awake, Aware, Kind, Conscious and Free, that’s what we are.

If we are alive, awake, aware, conscious, divine and free every single day, what does our day look like? How does our day proceed? How do we perceive our day?

How do we begin our day?

What do we do to open our day to the consciousness, to the bliss, to the truth, to the peace, and to the divinity?

Can we see that the morning time is the time to allow us to sit with ourselves, to be within ourselves, to expand into the consciousness of all things with ourselves?

What if we got up and consciously received the day? Consciously allowed the day to become what we want it to be deep within our essence, deep within our truth, deep within our divinity?

We’ve set ourselves up for a beautiful day by expanding into the consciousness, into the grace, into the truth in the morning.

Don’t you think that if you allow those few moments in the morning to be peaceful, to be divine, to be loving, that that would access that identity in each and every thing you see?

If we set the intention within us right now that I need that time in the morning. I’m going to take that time in the morning. I‘m going to give myself that space in the morning. However it works out, I am going to make sure that there is time for me in the morning to be with me. Because there is nothing more important than me tapping into that divinity and truth.

If I have to get up 20 minutes before my kids wake up, to tune in, to check in, to allow myself to be free, then that’s the way I provide that space for myself, and I make it known that this is my time. This is my time to be free. Because by expressing this, this is my time to be free, you’re giving the best example you could ever give.

You are the most important thing that needs to happen in the morning. You are the most important thing that needs to be seen. You are the most important thing that needs to be given energy and grace and truth and peace and divinity. Feel that within yourself. Feel how important you are to your day. Feel how important it is that you fill yourself with divine love, light, joy, peace and truth before you access the consciousness and the grace and the truth within everything else you’re doing throughout your day.

So the day doesn’t slap us in the face. The day opens up gracefully, easily and effortlessly to us as we walk into it, as we feel it, and as we experience it.

This is just a gentle reminder; take care of yourself. Take your time in the morning to see who you truly are and carry that into your life, carry that into your day, carry that into all of your experiences.

Because you know that that’s what you need, to be who you truly are. You know that you need to access the consciousness within yourself and the truth within yourself and the love within yourself and the divinity within yourself. And that’s how you become who you truly are.

Access the consciousness within you. Find the grace within you. Find the truth within you. Be the love that is within you. And then carry that into the world in all your daily activities.

Divine Love ❤

Watch the Video Here 💗 :

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