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Consciousness in The World

"We are open, aware, alive and conscious, in the moment. This is the moment, allowing ourselves to be clear; clear minded in a clear space. This is our moment, allowing ourselves to accept ourselves in this moment as free, and as divine. In this moment, the energy of grace is within us; consciousness, grace, truth, divinity, peace, becoming one with all things.

What is it that we are doing with our time? With our space? Why have we come here? What are we doing on this earth plane? What are we receiving? What are we giving? What are we experiencing?

I’ve come here to know myself as Divine.

This is my truth. This is who I am.

We feel this energy between us. We feel this energy of grace opening between us.

What is it that we’re expecting within us to open up and be free?

We are always in this energy of Peace. There is not a moment that we have to be different than that.

When we’re free within our being, there are no other moments. This is the moment that we’ve chosen to be free. This is the moment that we’ve chosen to experience ourselves as true.

This moment is the moment of all moments in consciousness. We take this moment into the world with us.

It’s all this moment. It’s not separate.

Every moment of our day extends from this space within our being.

Let your day be experienced in this grace.

Because the world is no different than me.

If you consciously allow yourself to walk through the world in this state, how can you see anything as different than that? How can you be anything different than that? How can you serve any differently than that?

I serve you because I love you, because I love me.

I serve the Consciousness of Grace in everyone and everything I see every single day.

Let’s reestablish ourself in the habit of walking into the world as the grace, as the truth and as the divinity of who we are in this beingness, in this space, in this truth, in this consciousness.

When this becomes our habit, we know that every moment is divine, we know that every moment is free. We know that everything we’re doing is Conscious, Alive and Graceful!

And we’re serving from that place deep within our being. We’re serving the world, we’re serving our Highest Truth, we’re serving Divinity, we’re serving each and every Being that we see."

Love!!! 💖

Watch the full video here...

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