I Am Divine

When we are Divine in everything we are doing, this is when we see everything that we need. I have been struggling with this reality as a concept in my being for as long as this energy has been coming through me. I have tried everything to manifest the money that I need to live a profoundly easy and comfortable, lavishly elegant life. Where is the money? I have tried everything! I have tried Law of Attraction, Laws of Abundance and this and that and this and that. I've done it all! Where is my money? So, what do I hear from my own Divinity? See yourself as Divine and Free. So, my exploration today is... What is Divinity? Truly? What is Divinity and what do I need to see myself as Divine and Free every single day, no matter what else I am doing, how do I see myself as Divine and Free? I have a quest, an obligation to understand this now because it is the only thing that is important to me in this quest for Divinity in all things now. I must be Free and I must be Divine Always. I must be Free to see this Divinity within me every single day. So, what do I do? How do I prepare for this escapade into my own depth, into my own truth, into my own deep understanding of what it means to be Divine and Free? What do I do to be me as I am already in Truth, in Peace and in all Things free? What do I do to be me?

What is Divinity? What does it mean to be Divine in everything I am doing? What does it mean to be Free? These are questions and concepts that we could litigate, understand, complicate and underestimate every day that we see ourselves as less than we are already. What is the Truth behind these things? What does it mean to be Divine and Free? Squelching question for me. Asking and Receiving.. Asking more, receiving more, asking and divining into my own Grace. What does it MEAN???

This can only be asked and understood from a place of True Understanding and as we ask and understand more and more deeply, what is it that is truly calling me? What is it that is truly diving me into my own Grace? What is it that is truly driving me to be FREE? Is it me? Is it Grace? Is it Divinity? In all things? Are we Free? Does it mean to be free and that we are already receiving this grace in all things? What does it mean to be Free? What does it mean to be me?

So, the questions end here. The questions end with, What does it mean? Only there can we see. Only there can we understand and estimate our own presence in Grace. Only there can we BE seen in everything we are doing as free. I will understand this Grace as it comforts me into my own space of Peace today. I want to be free. I want to be me. I want to understand this Divinity as the Depth of all things. Are we Free already? What does it mean to be me? I am quelling my own substantial longing to be free and allowing Grace to be me already, in all things Free. I am Me today and this is all already Free! Let it BE <3

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