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When Are We Available for Ourselves?

When are we available for ourselves and not everybody around us and what they need? When is it that our own Divinity takes precedence? When do we allow for everything to be Divine, Perfect and Free? How do we see the excellent quality of our own Grace and not need to take it from somebody? How does our own Grace see us as we are already? We have seen so much Grace within our own beings, but why do we need to give it away? Why do we need to see that everyone around us is also free? Why do we need to express ourselves as Divine already? Some things to consider as we move forward in this dream.

So, as I work with people, I see their Divinity and I see their Truth, but what do they need from me? Why do they need to see their Divinity within me? Why do they need to accept their own Grace within themselves before I can see them as free? What is this questioning? What is this inquiry?

I am asking God to give me the Grace to know when and where I should be working. Is it time to give up the goat, so to speak, when someone can't find their own essence or their own truth and want it all from me? Where is it that I should be working? I want to find everyone as free. I want to see the essence of all beings within my own being. I want to accept that all beings are already free. And this is, in fact True, but they fight with me about these things. They fight with me to know their own truth, but also to stay in their own old reality.

I found that this changes me in a way. It shows me that I can't change the reality of anyone or anything without that acceptance of their own truth. They must accept that all things are free. They must know themselves as free. They must be in that space of true alignment with Divinity. Exposing someone to that Grace always enlivens them and allows them to be free, but is it always enough to show them the path and the grace or do they need to accept something deeper within themselves that allows them to be free? I want to see the divinity in all things and know all things as free, but what if someone is asking you to take a back seat? What if someone is asking you to do all of the work for them? What if someone is asking you to do the work that can't be done by anyone, but their own being?

This is a dilemma for me, but I catch the essence of grace anyway and see that the work being done is beyond definition and allows all grace to be seen in everyone and everything. I wish that all beings will see themselves as free and I wish that in that divinity they will reign over their own kingdom of Grace. But, what does it mean for me? What does my voice want in all of this? How do I see myself as free if someone is wanting me to be them in their own divinity. Can I see for someone else? Can I give them what they need or is it a responsibility of grace to see and know oneself as free? So much dilemma in this, but also beauty and grace.

So grateful for this beautiful work I am doing and so grateful for all of the beautiful beings who come to me to know more about their own beings, and wondering where the limits are for our own grace to be seen if there are any.

I Love You All in Divinity and Grace Always!

Be Free!

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