I Am Being Divine

Is this moment relating to us everything that we need? Is this moment developing for us our own intuition into the space we are receiving? Because if we have seen this space within us, don't we know that what we are doing is already free? Don't we know that what we are doing is divine? Don't we know that what we are receiving is exactly what we need? So, what am I doing? I ask myself this question because I have believed that I have been dumped back into a situation where I don't want to be. I am believing that I am stuck here and I can't see how to release myself into a new state of being. But, truth is, I need to be here to resolve the differences that have been created. I need to be here to be in alignment with what I am teaching and being. I am here because this is the highest and best place for me to be until I receive the knowledge of divine grace that is inherent within me already. What do I mean?

When asked if I am being honest or full of shit, I must ask myself the same. Am I being honest with all of you? Am I being honest in my grace and in my truth? Am I being honest in my life display and in my life reasoning? Do I reason things out honestly and gracefully or do I miscomprehend what is happening and why? Do I see things for what they are and allow them to be honest and free? Or do I accept my life as differently than I want it to be.

I am here because I am meant to be. Yes, I am here because I laid it out that way. There is something that needs to take place. There is something that needs to be seen. There is a conversation that needs to be seen, as my beloved teacher Danny would say. There is a deep conversation that needs to take place in the energetic exchange with grace, and this conversation needs to be seen honestly and truly from all parties involved in this scene.

So yes, I am back from Asheville living in my old situation with Rod and the kids. Yes, I have complained about this situation and how it isn't for me, but in truth, in honesty, I am here for a reason. I am here with grace. I am here with knowledge and love because we are doing something that needs to be seen. We are doing something that needs to be established within our true beings.

We are being divine in this embrace of truth within our beings. I am glad I am here and still I am wondering where the next step will be. Constantly changing, but at the same time recognizing the beauty and grace in what I am seeing every day.

Thank you for my beautiful teacher Danny for always asking me the difficult questions and relaying the grace to allow it to be seen!

In love and truth always,


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