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Intergalactic Space Travel

Inspired by a post by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I wrote these words: His post reads; "Dr. Joe Dispenza - Interdimensional Mind". I was inspired to write: "Interdimensional Mind - Heart connection - Deep introspection - LOVE - going beyond the known into the fields of intergalactic space, traveling, diving deeper, fulfilling the Energy of Grace. Love is in its pure Space of Divine Energetic Grace. Inspiring the inception of cocreative energetic Embrace".

This has led me to the inception of a new thought in my mind, which leads to the idea of intergalactic space travel. Down, down, down the rabbit hole we go into more dimensions of time and space and eventually into no time and no space. Where is it that we dwell on this earth plane? Where is it that we sing our deepest songs of grace? Where is it that we encode our deepest DNA to encode our bodies with fulfilling details of ecstatic delight. What is it that we are looking for here and where does it lead us to be in those dimensions beyond our current reality? Where have we become one with all things and where have we collapsed our understanding of life as it seems to be and understood the greatest of all realities on this earth plane? Where is it that we are leading our minds and our hearts into this destiny of change? What do we want for ourselves in this reality? What do we want for ourselves in this sensational world of quality vs. pain and quantity vs. deception, and grace for all things and all beings alive on this earth plane. Who do we want to be?

Is there an answer to any or all of these? In the demanding to be seen, we want to embrace our qualities of grace and in our demanding to be noticed, we want to see the interdimensional aspects of our own reality, in grace, in peace and in divine longing for grace.

Who do we become in all of this longing for pain or pleasure, for grace or indecisive questioning? I want you to know that I am grace. I want you to know that I am peace and I want you to know that I am free and in this wanting to know me and wanting to be understood as these things, I am only longing for my own grace because in knowing you as free and in knowing you as pure and in knowing you as divine, we are all free beings of grace. It is and always has been this way. In collecting the data to understand our true natures, we become as we are. Always Free in Divine understanding and divinity.

We are all free and I am divine in all things, and we become as One Light in this energy of Divine Perfect Grace. I will always be the freedom of grace that is within me.

We are all free. Travel into the interdimensional spaces of your minds' eye and let all reality be as it is in true essence and grace.

We are all free! 💗💗💗

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