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Breaking it down to Grace

There is a point in life where one must break down all of the essential elements that have gotten them to where they are now in this moment of grace. And in that moment of realization that nothing is or ever has been what you’ve thought it to be , you realize that you are all that ever was and ever will be. In this realization, I am seeking for something greater than me, greater than my body, greater than my identity, greater than my extremes and elemental understandings. I am now just me and in this just meness I accept that I can’t do this without something greater guiding me and accepting me into it as greater than me. Now, I must ask for something, something larger than me to take place. I must ask for something that I haven’t seen. I must ask for something that I fear and I always know is within me. I must ask for my own understanding of grace to be seen to fully recognize me and see me in this moment of true understanding. It is essential that I break down my emotions and see everything as free and I must recognize that my divinity is pure in everything I am doing and now I must become this, for in this moment, in this second of grace, I am seeing that I will not survive without essential grace within my being. I am free and I must recognize this freedom and divinity now in truth of all things. I am now recognizing that me is me and everything else is already free. We must all be ready to recognize this divinity within all things.

I have broken down my essential nature. I have broken down my grace in every aspect of my being. I have broken down my acceptance of divinity within me and all things. I have broken down everything that I see and now I am looking for grace to reappear within me. I am looking for grace to establish itself within my being. I am looking for me to be me in honesty and grace because I am failing to recognize my divinity in my 3D 3rd dimensional reality. I am failing to recognize that my life is already free. I am not seeing where my life has gone wrong or emptied itself out into not knowing how to do this thing. I am empty and free. I am empty of all knowledge and yet filled with grace and freeness. I am empty of all grace and yet filled with all divinity. What is it that I am seeking? What is it that I am knowing? What is it that I am expecting? I can’t see grace if I am hiding Anything. All must be revealed and seen. So, now I ask for expectance and grace. Now I ask for kindness and Love. Now I ask for anything that will see me as divine in all things. I am expecting grace to be seen now and kindness to be recognized from the deepest core of my being.

I am down to $50 or so in my bank account. I had relied on a small tax return to get me through this rough patch, but realized today that it was not coming so in contacting the IRS, I found that there was difficulty with my name change and it will be another 16 weeks. I am being broken down. I have nothing it seems and yet my life is full of divine grace. If you feel to help me at all during this time, I would love to give you a session or a return of divine love and grace in whatever way may seem approachable for you at this time. If not, I love you and I will continue on this journey and all will be revealed in acceptance and grace.

In Divine Love and Grace Always! We are free!

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