Trump is our Friend

How do I start a blog post about Trump that isn't going to be controversial. This man has brought more controversy to the presidential position than any other, but he is Divine in all ways as we see him in his truth and his Divinity. Can we see that he is bringing us the future that we need? Can we see that he is opening up for us our own Divinity as we explore more and more deeply into our our own beings and resolve whatever fears and dichotomies are happening within our beings.

Do we see that Trump can be our friend if we allow our own insight to be resolved in grace and see that everything that is happening is Divine and Free. Do we see that he must be giving an effort to humanity because if he wasn't, how could he be in our consciousnesses? How could he be in our experience? How could he be in our understanding now? He must be resolving something within our own beings or he wouldn't be able to be given priority in our minds' suffering.

Do we know that our own energy is creating everything that we see? Do we know that everything we are doing and experiencing is bringing us grace in some form that we are wanting? Do we know that as we offer our grace to humanity, everything is lining up perfectly for us to perform our maximum duty here on this earth plane?

What has Trump created for you in your own reality? What has Trump done for you as you see his grace and his truth within his own being? What has Trump done for humanity? Has he placed a glass plate before us that must be maneuvered with efficiency and grace? Has he placed us in a position to see and do and be all that we must now? Has he given us an opportunity to exchange values and understand humanity more and more deeply? Has he given us the grace that we need to see now or everything will be seen in constant conflict and pain? We must recognize that the friends we have are often seen as enemies and we must realize that everything we are doing is given to us by grace.

Just a consideration on this journey as we become more and more defined by our own reality of peace and grace and truth. We are Free!

Be Free and dive into your own essence as grace and peace.

We are Free!

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