When we are free, we are All free

When we are free, we accept everything as free. When we know ourselves as Divine, we know ourselves as Divine in everything. When we are ecstatically living our lives, we know that we are free in everything we are doing. Why is it important to remember ourselves as free? Why is it important to know ourselves as truth? Why is it important to understand our nature as Divinity? Why have we come here to see within ourselves everything that is already within everything around us every day? Why do we know that God has given us everything we need?

When we accept ourselves as our Divinity and we know that everything we are doing is free, we will gain an understanding of ourselves as divine and free. Why have we come here to see so may things changing and expecting greatness within our beings? Why is it that when we are open to our Divinity, everything changes dramatically for us? When we open ourselves up to our Divinity, we know that our lives will always be substantially created in Grace and Peace.

Ask yourself if you know that God is within your being. Ask yourself if you know that God is developing consciousness within you now? Ask yourself if you know that God is always and always will be within you as your greatest being ever? You can be great today. You can be seen as grace in all things. And you can accept the Divinity within you as the Divinity within all that is, ever was and ever will be.

Be free. It is all opening up for you as you understand the greatest lesson of this divinity. It

is all free. It is all Free!

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