My Book

Life from a Higher Perspective

by Kai Shanti

In the energy of Peace and Consciousness, we all see that our lives are Divine and Free.  We know that our lives will be and are already in this space of Divinity.  We know that our energy is accepting Peace into it every day.

When we are in this space of Divinity and we know our Truth in this way, we see that our lives are Free.  So what is it that you are wanting?  What is it that you are expecting in your reality?  What is it that you are expecting to be great today?  When we ask ourselves these questions, we will always know that we are free in ourselves.  When we know God's energy and God's grace, we are free in all things.


When I have begun this journey of understanding my true Grace, I asked for a book to be written to show me a way to be free.  I asked for some knowledge from my inner source of knowing to guide my way.  As this book evolved, I realized that it was applicable to all beings and I realized that I was to put this out there for more eyes to see.

So now, a few years into this project, I am nearing the end of this journey as far as the writing of this knowledge has been said.  I am now ready to put this book out into consciousness and let it been seen by all eyes in grace. 


When we see that our lives are free and everything is lined up perfectly for grace to unfold, we are all divine and free.  That is my knowledge now.  I am so free and everything is calling me into this place of grace.  

This book will becoming more and more substantial in these months to follow and I will let you know when we are evolving into a form that can be read by many.


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I Love You! 

Thank you so much for everything

We are Free