Consciousness is in the World as Me

If we are Graciously receiving the world around us into us and allowing it to be the Consciousness of all things, that world will be experienced as Gracious, Kind, Loving and Free! It is always free in our divine, inner understanding of Grace. If we are here now in this moment and we are experiencing peace and we are experiencing love and we are experiencing joy, and the divinity within us wants to be seen, heard and felt in the world around us, then why not see that in the world, in what we are doing every day. Today is the day that we are going to experience this Consciousness within us. When we walk in the world, this Consciousness, this Grace, this Truth is available to everyone, to eve

What Are Facts?

The facts are the facts as long as we don’t see the Truth within our being! What is it that we’re here for? What is it that we’re here to do? What is it that we’re here to experience? What is it that we’re here to feel? There is so much freedom living on this earth plane. We’re addressing some questions that came up after the video we made about Climate Change. Only your heart knows what the facts are. That’s where the facts reside. Anything that is shown to you as a fact can be disproven. We’re here to talk about the idea of facts. What is a fact? Anything that can be proven as a fact can be disproven as well. The heart knows. The heart sees. The heart feels. The heart experiences.

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