I Love You & Guru Love!

I Love You and the Guru's Love are intertwined in my Heart as the Perfection of Grace that is Everything that ever was and ever will be! I am here now in this moment experiencing me Divinely, gracefully receiving everything that is mine already We’ve only believed that we are not that because we’ve been believing lies. Everything is within us. What is it that you are? What is that grace within us? We become that because we are that. Come here, right here, right now, into this moment with me. Come into this moment with me. Be Peace. Be Divine. Be Free. Be Truthful. Be Loving. Be Kind. Be who you are already, who you’ve always been, who you will always be. I Love You! That’s our purpo

We Are Enlightenment Now!

Can you be Enlightened Right Now? Is it possible to know your Enlightenment right now in this moment of Peace? This is the moment that we know that we are everything we’ve always wanted to be. Is there a reason to want more? Is there a reason to not see ourselves as Divine? Why do we look at these questions? Is this moment the pure moment of peace that we’ve been waiting for? Is it possible that it can just be this moment? It’s now. It’s right now. Can we recognize that this moment is the moment that we’ve been waiting for?This is the moment of our peace. This is the moment of our truth. This is the moment of our divinity. I want to know myself as divine and free. I want to know mysel

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