In the Depth of My Awakening Process

How Deep does this Process of Awakening go? Oneness, Truth, Peace, Love, Divinity, feeling our essence, feeling our knowingness that God is the Truth within us. Going through this experience of Love, this deep experience of love, this deep experience of Oneness. This energy of grace that is coming through this particular body at this time; what is it? How does it feel? This is the essence of me, me as a being, me as a consciousness, me as a divine expression of light. I’m becoming more expansive and expressive than I’ve ever been. As we’re experiencing, as we’re expressing, as we’re truthfully receiving and giving. I went through an expressionless childhood so that I could make it easy for

Take the Time for a Morning Practice!

Alive, Awake, Aware, Kind, Conscious and Free, that’s what we are. If we are alive, awake, aware, conscious, divine and free every single day, what does our day look like? How does our day proceed? How do we perceive our day? How do we begin our day? What do we do to open our day to the consciousness, to the bliss, to the truth, to the peace, and to the divinity? Can we see that the morning time is the time to allow us to sit with ourselves, to be within ourselves, to expand into the consciousness of all things with ourselves? What if we got up and consciously received the day? Consciously allowed the day to become what we want it to be deep within our essence, deep within our truth, deep

Consciousness in The World

"We are open, aware, alive and conscious, in the moment. This is the moment, allowing ourselves to be clear; clear minded in a clear space. This is our moment, allowing ourselves to accept ourselves in this moment as free, and as divine. In this moment, the energy of grace is within us; consciousness, grace, truth, divinity, peace, becoming one with all things. What is it that we are doing with our time? With our space? Why have we come here? What are we doing on this earth plane? What are we receiving? What are we giving? What are we experiencing? I’ve come here to know myself as Divine. This is my truth. This is who I am. We feel this energy between us. We feel this energy of gr

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