Meditation Today

Oh my Goodness What a beautiful meditation today with my dear friends Tim and Jyoti Ma. I was blown away by the strength of the Shakti that was coming through. She was talking me, walking me and strengthening me to be me, I assume. We were talking about babies and Divinity and all things absolutely funny and serene. I am so blessed by this Shakti energy and always Free to be Me in It! Blessings are Abounding... Be Free! Blessings!!!

I Am Free to be Me Always

Happy Birthday to me! Today is the day I came onto this earth plane and saw all things as Free! Today is the day that I know myself as Free. Today is the day that I will see all things as free. Why do we always accept our own Divinity in peace, but not in all circumstances in life? Why do we always want something for ourselves that isn't free, but expect our life to be free. When can we accept our lives as free and know always that we are free. What if our lives were always in divine communion with all things? What if our lives were always in divine communion with life and seen in all things as free. What if we were always accepting truth into our beings and allowing our lives to be f

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