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Group Sessions

"So powerful. Kai is amazing and shares very powerful love and energy in her meditations. Life changing is how I would describe her if I had to super sum it up❤."

-Brittney P.

"Wonderful energy, clearing, activation. Wonderful caring being, thank you."

-Will D.

"Kai Shanti brings Divine Essence to commune. The heart opens. The Divine enters."

-Antonio G.

"Gifted healer . Very genuine and experienced teacher. Her manner is heart warming and her abilities are very impressive."

-John M.

"Amazing!. Absolutely! Kai is giving, warm, and caring. I leave the class feeling full of bliss."

-Cindy M.


"Grace, not mace. I have met over 300 energy healers globally, as well as had the Grace of receiving Shaktipat, Diksha, Darshan from many worldly known MahaSiddha Yogis, Yoginis, Divine God Realized Beings and Self-Realized Beings, so it was another Blessing from Shakti to come across Kai. At a time when many spiritual students in the world are learning that yes, it is in fact true that quite a few spiritual teachers out there are in fact deliberately using their Shakti / siddhis to punish, or to keep their students/devotees in line (control them via energy), as well as energy healers who cannot do what they claim or who intentionally mis-use energy—which in turn hurts their clients, it is wonderful to come across one who does not do any of this, but who walks their talk of love and ahimsa. The Shakti session I experienced with Kai, over the internet via Zoom no less, was one of positive powerful loving Shakti energy.. very tangible, very real, very Shiva-Shakti. Namaste, Kai, for the blessed experience."

- Mark F.

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Group Session

Group sessions are currently $22

*The zoom link is sent out 1 hour before the session so please make sure you sign up at least 1 1/2 hours before the session*

The schedule for Group Sessions is below (subject to change) if I find that a different time would work better with people's schedules.

Saturday March 11th 3:00pm ET
Saturday March 25th 3:00pm ET
Saturday April 8th 3:00pm ET
Saturday April 22nd 3:00pm ET


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