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Awakening to Divinity

As we expect ourselves to be Free, we know that what we are doing is always in alignment with Peace.  We know that our lives are always dedicated to Truth.  And we know that our lives will always be Divine in these things.  If you are asking yourself the question of, “What will my life be?”  Or “How am I going to see myself today?”, let us begin by accepting ourselves as free and then we will proceed to know ourselves as being and feeling and accepting the Divinity in all things and as we do this, it is our life that is always becoming great.  We will become great when we accept our lives as free.  It is always this way.  It will always be this way.  It will always accept us if we are being this divinity now, in all things.

So, what can you do today, to accept yourself as free?

What can you do to know yourself as divine and be that divinity in every moment today?


What can you expect from society in the greatness of all things?

We will begin by accepting our fate as divine beings.

You are a Divine being of Light.  You are a divine being of freedom and peace.  You are a divine being that sets your life example by leading yourself into divinity every day.  Have you sat down today to see yourself as divine?  Have you sat down today to know your true self as free?  Have you sat down today to expect great things from within your being?  This is the first step on our journey. 

To know ourselves as free, we must first recognize ourselves as being divinity by accepting our lives as free.  Sit with yourself today.  Know yourself today.  By being in that space of divinity, we find all things as free.

Accept yourself as free by becoming all that you are today, in all things.  You are free.  Accept that truth now.  Accept that you are free now.  Your first job is to accept your divinity within all things.  Your first accomplishment is to know your body as the Divine enabling you to be divine in all things.  You must accept your body as free and you are free to be me as all things are free in this knowing.  

We are all free. 

Let it be. 

Let it be free.

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