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About Me

After many years of waiting to see the truth within me, I finally decided that to see that truth within me, I must first accept all things as free.  I must first accept that I am and always have been free.  I must first know myself as God knows me.  With this knowledge and understanding, I have come to the knowledge that I am and all beings are free.  We are all free and always have been.  We must come to this recognition to live our lives fully and divinely in peace.

When I accepted my responsibility as a being of light and allowed my life to be divinely guided by peace, I knew that there was nothing else for me.  Now I am only free in this knowledge and all things are always accepting me as this grace.

When I know myself as peace, I have seen all things as free.

Where did I start?  Where did I first begin my journey home?  Where did I first begin to know myself as free?  Where have I gone in all of this longing and need to know me?  I have gone to so many different aspects of me.  I have gone to so many different places to be seen as differently than me.  I have gone to so many different places to understand who I am not and now I know that only within me can I be seen truly. 

I have dealt in many undermining pursuits and I have seen that these only bring pain.  I have seen that these only bring me to a knowledge that I am not free.  Now I know that my life is mine and everything I am doing is always in grace.  Why don’t I need to know myself as free, was the question that plagued me and now I know how to become this being of grace because God has allowed me to be me. 

How many times have we seen the grace within ourselves, but not allowed that grace to be seen?  How many times have we accepted a life that is not our own only because we know something differently than we need to see.  We have seen grace in our lives and now we must accept that grace in everything we are doing.

I have seen many Gurus and they have guided me along the way.  I have seen many Masters and they have shown me how to be me.  I have seen many experiences that have led me to this experience of peace.  But what mostly experiences me as me is the truth within my own being.  Without that experience, nothing else can be seen or heard exceptionally.

I am free and so happy to be.  Jai Ma!  And join me on this journey to inner peace and development of our own inner truth of being. 

Be free!  Be Me as we are One in all things. 

We are all Free!

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