Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lots of Chanting~~:-)

So, since Evolvefest we've been spending lots of time chanting every day and it's been quite rewarding.  We've written a new chant for the 3DL gathering that I am definitely falling in love with!  Can't wait to share it with others.  If you'd like to attend the 3 Days of Light Gathering ( you can use our promo code "ShaktiEvolution" for a 10% discount.  We're really excited about this festival as it sounds like it's going to be an amazing experience!  And we love amazing experiences!  The kids do to.  Little Lotus is falling right into place with all of this awesome energy we're coming into contact with.  She loves it, of course!  And Tixo is super cool and fun and a beautiful angelic presence as always.  Can you tell we love our kids??? 

Hope to see you all soon!

Jai Ma!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Been A While...

So I suppose it's time to update my posts here as it's been quite some time.  My beautiful Lotus was born September 4, 2012 and having a new baby has definitely been time consuming and oh so rewarding.  She is a true blessing!

We are doing our Angel of Light work when asked and have a new website for sharing this work, which is

Shakti Evolution just took on a new life as we have been invited to play at Evolvefest this labor day and we're super excited about that!  Check it out at  If you'd like to attend this four day festival of bliss, love and spiritual music, we can get you a $50 discount.  Just click here to buy tickets

We'll probably be doing some chants at our house this fall as things start to calm down from the summer fun!  Then on to Asheville or wherever the road leads next.  We'll be selling our house soon if anybody's interested.

Our ultimate goal is to settle into some beautiful land somewhere where we can start the spiritual community we've so been dreaming of.  If you're interested in that, let us know:-)

Jai Ma!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chanting this Saturday 10/6

We will be chanting this Saturday October 6 at 7pm.  The first official chant since baby Lotus was born...we have found that she really enjoys the music!  Love, love  Kai

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A thought on Chanting

It was brought to my attention tonight that someone who is trained in classical Indian vocal said that "Om is the Water" which is one of my water songs doesn't mean anything.  At first this jarred my heart as I take personally whatever is said about my music, only because I am overly sensitive in this area.  However, on further reflection, I would like to comment on this.  I originally started "chanting" at the ashram 13 years ago.  I still love these traditional chants and hymns, although I don't perform them traditionally.  My background is American, very American I must say.  I grew up in a Christian church singing in the church choir.  What I fell in love with about chanting is the deep, soulful connection I could experience via song.  When I chant, I just surrender to the Divine and let Her flow forth in whatever way She pleases because that's what the experience is for me.  The songs/chants I write are inspired from that connection.  They are not at all intended to be classically Indian and I doubt they ever could be coming from my background.  For me it's just about a connection with the Divine, however that comes through.  So, in this meditative state came "Om is the Water", which means a lot to me.  If Om is the Divine essence or sound of God, then to me "Om is the Water" is a beautiful blessing for our waters.  I was guided to write an album called "For the River" with three songs.  "OM is the Water" is one of them.  I realize that I don't need to validate any of this, but it's a process of working through it within my own heart.  We all must follow what's in our heart and I am getting this lesson very deeply right now.  Om Ma!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chanting every Thursday

We are now chanting every Thursday evening at 7pm.  Also, I am having Shaktipat by request, rather than having a regular schedule.  Jai Ma everybody!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chanting this Thursday

We will be chanting this Thursday at our house in Linden at 7pm!!!  All are welcome!

Love this quote from Krishna Das:
"I realized if I didn't sing, I would never be able to clean out the dark places in my heart. The only chance I had was to sing with people." Krishna Das

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shaktipat Saturday Nov. 5

 There will be Shaktipat this Saturday, November 5 at 6pm.  We may start doing regular programs on the first and third Saturdays of the month.  I will post more on this later.  Also, chanting every Thursday at 7pm.  All are welcome.  Jai Ma!